Riddle us this...

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about FlipSide - the band, our equipment, songs, shows... you get the picture.


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At what types of events does FlipSide perform?

   We're available and willing to perform at all types of clubs and public venues - restaurants and coffee houses to bars and nightclubs, anywhere live entertainment is booked regularly.  We'll also bring our equipment to your house or local hall for any type of private function.


Do you take requests?

   We take great care with our performance, and we keep a pretty tight set list.  We do have some additional material which we will move in and out of our sets based on the venue, but we do not actively take requests during our performance.


What's with the "flip-flops" you pass out at each show?

   One of our earliest fans accidentally christened our fan club the "Flip-Flops" very early on.  We'll make it a point to "induct" as many new "flip-flops" as possible at each show, and that usually means we're passing out colorful flip-flop charms, necklaces, keychains... whatever we can get our hands on!